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Drill tables

Drill tables

When we introduce new grammar, many of us like to use spoken drills to provide learners with controlled practice of the new language. For the last few years I've been using what I call ‘drill tables’ to do this. I’m not sure if other teachers do something similar, but I’ve found them a simple, engaging … Continue reading Drill tables

Sentence pelmanism

Do you have difficulty getting your students to speak English in class? Perhaps they lack confidence, perhaps they don’t know much English, or if you teach large classes, perhaps it’s difficult to keep them using English when they get excited... If any of these are true for you, here’s a fun game  that your students can … Continue reading Sentence pelmanism

Buffalo pooh

It’s true. I’m a little bored this week... I found myself musing on one of the most interesting/idiotic (a surprisingly permeable boundary) conundrums in linguistics - what are the longest syntactically complex one-word sentences possible in English? In The Language Instinct (1994: 210), Stephen Pinker mentions the following interesting 8-word effort: Buffalo buffalo, Buffalo buffalo buffalo, … Continue reading Buffalo pooh