Delta Downloads by Jason Anderson

BritslangHere are five culture-related activities I produced for the Delta Downloads section of the Delta Publishing website from August 2015 to January 2016:

Notting Hill Carnival – Fact or fiction – August

A reading activity on the Notting Hill Carnival suitable for teachers to use with intermediate level learners. Also includes discussion activities and a ‘Create your own fact or fiction text’ Creative writing activity. Particularly topical for teachers to use in August when the Notting Hill Carnival happens in London.

Halloween Riddle Maze – October

A fun game for learners to play in teams of 2-4. By linking Halloween related riddles and jokes to their solutions, learners make their way through the maze.

Moon colony – November

Based on a recent article about plans to return to the moon, this discussion activity involves a problem-solving task in which learners must make important decisions to ensure that a future moon colony will be successful.

Will the real Father Christmas please stand up – December

A jigsaw reading and discussion activity based on (fairly) accurate historical information regarding the multiple sources contributing to our current understanding of who Santa Claus/Father Christmas is, where he comes from, etc.

Brit-slang – The Board Game – January

A fun game played by learners with counters and dice on a gameboard. Learners must answer general knowledge questions regarding informal British English and slang as well as UK culture. Particularly useful for learners living and studying in the UK, or interesting UK culture. Perhaps less useful for learners using English for International communication!