About – Jason Anderson

I am a UK-based teacher educator, educational consultant, award-winning author and award-winning researcher (University of Warwick) with extensive experience supporting teachers in primary, secondary and tertiary contexts, in Africa (18 countries), Europe (7 countries) and Asia (6 countries), both in language teaching and mainstream education.  

Delivering the closing plenary at the 5th AINET International Conference, 2020 (see here).

I have developed materials, curricula and teacher education programs for UNICEF, British Council and national ministries of education. My interest in context-specific pedagogy means that I work closely with stakeholders to ensure solutions are context-sensitive and sustainable. I am also series editor for the Delta Publishing ‘Ideas in Action‘ series.

My website: www.jasonanderson.org.uk   Please use the ‘Contact Jason Anderson’ form on the homepage if you want to get in touch.

My publications page includes details of my books, recent articles and research papers: www.jasonanderson.org.uk/publications.htm

My ORCID profile: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3400-0135

My Twitter thingy: @jasonelt

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