Teaching English in Large Classes – forthcoming webinar

85640On Saturday 19th November at 13:30pm (UK time), I led a webinar on Teaching English in Large Classes for British Council English Agenda. The webinar focused on English language teaching, adopting a sociocultural perspective that aims to situate the English language teacher in her/his local teaching community. This is in contrast to what often happens in (English) language teaching, when the challenges of language teachers in large classes are considered in isolation, and solutions are proposed that tend to involve up-scaling methodologies used in small EFL/ESL class contexts, something that has limited effectiveness. See Figure 1:

Figure 1: Benefits of a sociocultural approach vs limitations of an up-scale approach

We also looked at teacher enquiry and action research to help find solutions while cultivating sustainability, and at example solutions including an approach, an activity and a strategy, all of which come from large class contexts in Africa and/or Asia.

The preview page is here:


The webinar recording is here:


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