A fundamental dichotomy in ELT methodology: A response to Pang (forthcoming)

Now available in Advance Access in ELT Journal.plan

May Pang recently wrote an interesting critique of my 2015 ELT Journal article ‘Affordance, learning opportunities and the lesson plan pro forma’. Pang’s piece in the current ELT Journal (‘Companion guides for lesson planning: a planning template and the lesson plan pro forma’) follows her earlier article (in TESOL quarterly), essentially arguing for an outcomes-based approach to lesson planning – something that I think makes sense especially in initial teacher education. However, I think she somewhat misreads my 2015 article, perhaps unaware that my aim was to promote a lesson plan pro forma that is, as I then put it, ‘…potentially compatible with product, process and procedural approaches to syllabus design’ (Anderson 2015: 228).

Thus I wrote a short Reader’s Respond piece to defend my original article, where I also identify what I perceive to be a fundamental dichotomy within the planning debate in (E)LT, drawing on Alan Water’s (2012) seminal piece on this ‘Trends and issues in ELT methods and methodology’. If anyone is interested in reading my response to Pang, there’s a click-through link to the PDF version on the ‘Articles and talks’ page of my website. It is, I believe, currently due for publication in ELT Journal 71/1 (January-ish). Feedback, comments and opinions are always welcome.

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