Have I got a dragons’ den for you?

Thanks for dropping in. On this page you’ll find resources and chat relating to my talk entitled: ‘Have I got a dragons’ den for you?’ in which we explore some ideas and tips for successfully adapting TV and radio shows for the EFL / ESOL classroom. If adapted suitably, they provide ideal formats for enjoyable speaking fluency practice activities in the language classroom. They involve challenge, interest, negotiation of meaning and motivate learners to use language creatively.


Click here to go to my website where you can download the resources and ‘handout’ from the workshop. Enjoy!

Click here for a link to my latest title for DELTA Publishing, Speaking Games:



Do you have any ideas for classroom activities based on TV or radio shows from anywhere around the world? Speaking games, grammar games, vocab. games – anything! Please add your suggestions or reflections on the talk as comments below.

4 thoughts on “Have I got a dragons’ den for you?

  1. I also play a version of Would I Lie to You? especially with my advanced classes. I get them to write a true sentence about themselves on slips of paper, which they keep to themselves. Then I take a box and put 50% blank slips of paper in it and 50% ‘lies’ – these are sentences I have written myself with surprising facts on them, like: ‘I used to believe that eating too much ice cream makes your hair fall out.’ and ‘I once left a restaurant without paying for my food.’

    We play as a whole class with two teams, but you could play in smaller groups if you’ve got a big class. Each player takes a word from the box and holds it with their true sentence so no-one can tell which one they’re reading from. If it’s one of my lies, they just read it out and they have to convince the other team that the lie is true. If it’s a slip of blank paper, they read out their own true sentence, and try to make it sound like a lie. The other team then have to agree on whether it’s truth or lie. If there’s time we play two rounds.

    Pri Drummond


  2. Enjoyed your talk on Saturday. My favourite TV show to play in class with the students on my general English courses is Mr and Mrs… A bit old I know, but I basically play it like alibi. Each pair have to decide on their answers to 10 questions in advance, and then the rest of the group take turns to interview one member of each pair while the other one is outside. It’s good for practising language of daily routines. My classes are usually small so I don’t have some of the problems with whole class activities you mentioned in the workshop. Looking forward to the book.
    x. Katie


    1. Nice idea Katie. I wonder if there are few old clips of it on YouTube? I also think it might be possible to adapt it to larger classes, simply by splitting them into two or four groups and having several interviews running simultaneously.


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